Admission interviews

Thank you for your interest in studying at our school.  

Admission interviews are conducted discreetly, by an individual personal interview together with a parent and a child. The face-to-face meeting in a friendly atmosphere lasts approximately half an hour to an hour, depending on the need.

An interview date should be arranged in advance by phone or email.


Before the interview, please fill in the application form, which can be downloaded below on this page, and then send it by email in editable PDF or DOC format.

We will assign an ID to the student, print the application form in duplicate and prepare it for signature. We will also issue an admission decision based on this.


What to bring to the interview?

  1. Samples of work the child has done at home, e. g. drawing human figures, animals, nature, the world around them or whatever the child is inclined to do.

  2. A cash advance payment of 50 euros.

  3. Good mood :-)


    We look forward to seeing you!



Download the required application form in PDF or DOC format here:

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