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Our school methodology emphasizes interdisciplinary and  beyond-the-subject relationships, which means that it is complex learning about the world on a rational as well as spiritual level. It educates a well-rounded human being, who is not only able to enjoy the world, but also participate in its creation. 


Educational programme

Project education based on relevant and intertwined tasks. The most modern creative alternatives and concepts.


What makes us unique

Pablo Biennial (Multimedia Art Presentation) – original polyvision (multimedia) presentation of student´s works of art

Pabloplener (Land Art) – spring and fall art in the open air in Zaježová

Publishing and illustration of books for children



with us

Why study with us?

  • High level of creative and visual literacy
  • Preparation for further studies at a high school or art college
  • Excellent material and spacial conditions
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Mgr. art. Bianka Kukurdíková
Art teacher
Mgr.art.Zuzana Martinusová
Art teacher
Mgr. art. Kristína Tománková
Art teacher
Mgr. Miloš Čápka
Art director, founder of the school
Mgr. Juraj Ezechiaš
Executive director, founder of the school
Mgr. Eva Balážová
Art teacher
Mgr. art. Alžbeta Malcová
Art teacher
Mgr. art. Eva Šrubařová
Art teacher
Mgr. Tatiana Vrtochová
Art teacher
Pablo Biennial is an original polyvision (multimedia) presentation of works of art and pedagogical approaches.

The method of presenting art works using the polyvision (multimedia) method in schools and exhibitions represents a strong motivational element with a didactic intention to show the diversity, uniqueness and effectiveness of children´s creative works in one thematic concept.


Art in nature – the path of purity

  • nature as the archetype of the inner teacher
  • sensory perception and intuitive sensing
  • concentration on the fundamentals
  • observation, analysis, insight
  • spiritual formative elements of artistic language
2% of your taxes
Dear parents, students and supporters of the school,
We would like to ask you to donate 2% of your tax to our civil society organization (CSO) Ateliér Pablo o.z. This will support the organization of regular student exhibitions from our school, public workshops and other creative school activities (e.g. illustration of children's books by our students).
Voluntary contribution
You can support children's art education, the organization of exhibitions and workshops and our other activities by purchasing artworks, books, promotional items, as well as by sending your voluntary financial contribution directly to our bank account.
Purchase of works
Purchase of promotional itemsMore
Companies and donors
If you would like to support the development of young artistic talent through your company, we welcome your donations and are also open to advertising cooperation.


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