Art in nature

Through art in nature we deepen the student's sensory perception and ability to sense things intuitively. Nature itself becomes a strong motivational impulse, which is an archetype of the inner teacher. By observing it and concentrating on its essence, we enter into a dialogue with it through the spiritual formative elements of artistic language.

We create works, sculptures from natural materials out in the countryside, in a natural surrounding and incorporate it into the artistic concept. We develop communication with all natural structures including trees, branches, leaves, flowers, herbs, fruits, stones, work with soil and clay. We use natural twine and sensitively add tempera paint.

Land art activities are interspersed with sketch and drawing studies of the open landscape and its structures including compositional and colour analysis.

Ideologically and motivationally, we move in the spheres of inter-subject and supra-subject relations bound to the natural environment - floristics, biology, ecology, cosmology, ethics - as well as to the cultural-literary environment developing imagination and fantasy.

Natural materials

  • trees

  • branches

  • leaves

  • herbs

  • flowers

  • fruits

  • stones

  • clay

Complete gallery of art in nature
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