Photography has an unprecedented range for recording, from a distinct discipline it has shaped itself into several variations. In a school setting, we can classify documentary photography, motivational photography, photography with a multifaceted perception of artistic language in addressing an art series or project. For example, when playing with light and by casting shadows.

We use it for artistic transformations via computer. We build archives of artistic relationships between mundane motifs and testimonial details. The new programmatic concept of looking at art and and its application leads to a spontaneous appetite for discovering and naming artistic relationships.

A lesson outdoors with a camera, searching for a specific motif and then transferring one selected image into a flat work of art can serve as a mental release or a form of art therapy.

Studentss can use photography to solve art tasks more flexibly, to record different thematic series as well as compositional variations.

Types of photographs

  • documentary photography

  • motivational photography

  • photography with a multifaceted perception of artistic language

Complete gallery of photographs
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