Drawing is the first, most natural activity that helps a child to confront the world. S/He looks for connections in his environment. S/He treats the pencil as a toy, s/he enjoys the movement of his/her hand, the emerging trails of colour, the rhythm of the lines. Later, the game develops into a conscious drawing expression.

In art education we discover:

  • drawing from an idea towards a statement of one's own

  • drawing motivated by observation of reality, revealing different forms of the world

  • design drawing, promptly recording an idea, a theme for realisation in a different material

In a methodical approach, the teacher guides the child through art problems to master the basics of drawing.

Drawing techniques

Dry drawing using:

  • a pencil

  • chalk artist pencil

  • charcoal

Wet drawing using:

  • a feather and ink

  • a wooden stick and ink

  • a brush and a marker

Complete gallery of drawings
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