2% of tax

Dear parents, students and supporters of the school,

we ask you to donate 2% of your tax to our civil society organization (CSO)  Atelier Pablo. This will support the organization of regular student exhibitions by the school, as well as public workshops and other creative activities by the school (e. g. illustrations of children's books by the school's students).

The organisation of a conceptually oriented exhibition, which we would like to organise every 2 years under the name Pablobiennale, requires considerable funds for renting the premises, creating and printing catalogues, invitations and posters, advertising in the media, purchasing various installation materials, etc.

Beneficiary details:

Name: Atteliér Pablo o.z.
Registered office: Zámočnícka 36/1, 917 01 Trnava
Legal form: civil society organization (CSO) 
ID: 42164966
TAX ID NUMBER: 2024075493

How to proceed:

If you are an employee and you have asked your employer to make an annual statement of income tax paid in advance:

  • ask your employer to issue a Tax Payment Certificate and complete a Declaration of Remittance Form for the amount of up to 2% or 3% of the tax paid.
  • Please deliver both forms no later than 26 April of the current year to the address of our civil society organization's (CSO)  registered office or directly to the relevant tax office.

If you are self-employed or other type of legal entity, you are entitled to declare in the tax return form within the deadline for submitting the tax return that the share of the tax paid is to be remitted to the recipients designated by you.


Financial donation

Through building a relationship with art and beauty, we guide our wards to higher ethical values.  We contribute to a balanced and harmonious development of their personality, with the aim that they will be able to discover and live life to their full potential. In addition to the actual teaching, our school activities include public exhibitions and openings, where students have the opportunity to develop their presentation skills.

If you share our philosophy and are interested in supporting children's education through art, you can send us a donation to our account at ČSOB bank.

IBAN: SK90 7500 0000 0040 1434 4590


Account name: ČSOB Podnikateľské konto Plus


Thank you

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